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     In The Spirit Ministries began with its Founder and Senior Servant,   

     Apostle Sharyn Cosby, in‚Äč 1998.  Birth from the ministry, In The Spirit  

     Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in 2007, Oklahoma Family

     Empowerment Center in 2012, In the Spirit Training Institute in 2019,

     and Living In The Spirit Talk Show and Podcast in 2021.

         Pictured left to right:  Sondra Biddle (teacher), Prophetess Rozelyn Harris, Apostle Sharyn Cosby, Pastor Chavez Bell and Elder Donna Riley
About In The Spirit

Keeping in step with the general ministry of the disciples, In the Spirit is more than a ministry, we are a movement. We are "a movement of wholeness in a fragmented world," seeking to share God's all inclusive and reconciling love.

The Ministry Team

In the Spirit functions in the five-fold ministry gifts (apostle, prophet, pastor, evangelist, and teacher).  Our ministry team is committed to helping people live out God's best for their life through its apostolic, pastoral, prophetic, and evangelistic ministries.

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In The Spirit

Christian Church

In The Spirit

Training Institute

Living In The Spirit

Talk Show and Podcast

Oklahoma Family Empower Center

(related but separate organization)