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The Beginning

     Sharyn Cosby Ministries started in 1998 when Rev. Cosby accepted the call to ministry.  Starting in the correctional system and ministry in the streets with those in the margins. 

     Ordained through the Azusa Fellowship, in 2000 Cosby developed a ministry team that traveled ministering wherever called and frequently held services in correctional facilities.  Two years later and under the leading of the Holy Spirit, the name was later changed to In The Spirit Ministries (ITSM) in 2002 and continued outreach in the margins.

     As Rev. Cosby later prepared to complete her theological education at  Phillips Theological Seminary in 2007,  she followed the pull of God and committed to forming a new church. 

     Subsequently, Sunday, January 7, 2007, five individuals gathered in her home to worship and In the Spirit Christian Church (ITSCC) was birth. A lesson from Isaiah 61:1-3 was taught, communion shared. From that point forward, every first Sunday in January is celebrated as, Formation Sunday for the church. 


    Services were quickly moved from Rev. Cosby's home to the library. until they were able to lease their first church building in June 2007, located at 2001 North Atlanta Ave., Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

    While at that location, the Christian Church in Oklahoma visited presented the congregation its Covenant of Formation document and it was official; In the Spirit Christian Church was a recognized congregation in formation.

     The worshipping community grew from 25 founding members to over 100 members with a year. We developed Spirit Praise, a praise team, and Ruah (Spirit), an inspirational dance group. Additionally, the ministry provided various community outreach and an under care ministries, which included weekly correspondence, support, and care to incarcerated individuals. The worshipping community quickly became a viable ministry in the Tulsa area.


     After a year of forming Rev. Cosby's ordination through the Azusa Fellowship was affirmed by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Oklahoma.  Subsequently, on April 26, 2008, during the Christian Church in Oklahoma Regional Assembly, In the Spirit Christian Church was recognized as a chartered congregation and given its Church Charter.

     The church continued to move forward.


     We moved to 409 South Pittsburg, (pictured left) and continued to grow.   We enjoyed an eclectic worship experience, inclusive of anointed preaching and teaching, spirited praise and worship, and various ministries from infants to the chronologically gifted (seniors). 

      After two years, we moved to our permanent home, at 1020 South Garnett, Tulsa, Oklahoma.  With plenty of room for expansion. 

Over the past decade In The Spirit has hosted annual church events and activities including Marriage Enrichment Seminars, Men’s and Women's Retreats, and annual camps for kids. 

Apostolic Elevation

April 29, 2018, Rev. Cosby was elevated to and installed into the apostle office, which means "sent one."  In Titus 1:1, the Apostle Paul says, "… I have been sent to proclaim faith to those God has chosen and to teach them to know the truth that shows them how to live godly lives."

As an apostle, she is called to plant communities and set structure, evangelize, prophesy, teach, and shepherd. One plants, another water, but God brings the increase (1 Corinthians 3:6)." Subsequently, in addition to planting In The Spirit Christian Church, she has founded a non-profit social service organization, Oklahoma Family Empowerment.

Since elevation, In The Spirit Training Institute was founded.  The mission of ITSTI is to teach and equip the saints to do ministry work (Ephesians 4:11).