The Beginning

The formation of In the Spirit Christian Church can be chronicled starting from the time It operated as Sharyn Cosby Ministries in 1998. In 2002, Rev. Cosby changed the name to In the Spirit Ministries. The ministry traveled offering evangelism services, wherever called and frequently held services in correctional facilities. Rev. Cosby later went to Phillips Theological Seminary to further develop her theological education. As she moved closer to graduation and following the pull of God, the commitment to form a new church was made. Subsequently, Sunday, January 7, 2007, five individuals gathered n her home to worship and In the Spirit Christian Church was birth. A lesson from Isaiah 61:1-3 was taught, communion shared.


The group soon moved from the home of Rev. Cosby to the Martin Regional Library, located at 2601 South Garnett, Tulsa, Oklahoma. They worshipped and the small gathering community grew from five individuals to approximately fifteen over the next several months. In the Spirit remained at the library until they leased their first church building in June 2007, located at 2001 North Atlanta Ave., Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was a small three-room building, which included a sanctuary, kitchenette with sitting area and office. Yet, the congregation was grateful to have a place to call home. A sign was hung, the gathering community continued to worship and grow. Soon after moving to the Atlanta location, Rev. Hattendorf, Associate Regional Pastor, Christian Church in Oklahoma visited and presented the congregation its Covenant of Formation document. It was official; In the Spirit Christian Church was a congregation in-formation.


While on Atlanta the worshipping community developed Spirit Praise, a praise team and Ruah (Spirit), an inspirational dance group. Additionally, the ministry provided various community outreach and an under care ministry, which included weekly correspondence, support, and care to incarcerated individuals. The community was not only in-formation but was a viable ministry in the Tulsa area.

April 2008, during the Christian Church in Oklahoma Regional Assembly, In the Spirit was recognized as a chartered congregation and given its Church Charter. The congregation continued to move forward.


In the Spirit later entered an agreement with the Oklahoma Disciples Foundation and the worshipping community moved to its current located, 409 South Pittsburg Ave, Tulsa, Oklahoma, September 2008. With over 13,000 square feet, the new facility afforded In the Spirit the ability to not only offer an eclectic worship experience, inclusive of anointed preaching and teaching, spirited praise and worship but programming for infants to four years old, SpiritKids Learning Center and seniors ages 50 and over, Spirit Seniors. After two years, we moved again and now have found our home, at 1020 South Garnett, Tulsa, Oklahoma.


In the Spirit continues to touch and transform lives while ministering the Gospel. The worship community continues to grow in numbers as God’s purposes is being fulfilled. In June 2012, the Oklahoma Family Empowerment Center (OFEC) was birth out of the church. It is a separate, but related social justice outreach. Contracting with the Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs, it seeks to reduce African American Contact with Law Enforcement. Additionally, OFEC offers an array of services, including counseling, workshops, and training.