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               Emerging Young Leaders Social Justice Cohort

                                                           Connecting Youth ages 16 - 18  to the gospel through lived experiences

Social justice is the equal access to wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society,

so let discover why in America this is not a reality and what young leaders can do to make a difference.

June 6 - 30, 2022

As part of their secular education, most participants have engaged in social science coursework on some level. Additionally, many have visual or personal experiences with food scarcity, lack of proper housing, racial bias, criminal system, and more. This social justice cohort will help participants not only understand the issues facing our society but help emerging young leaders gain tools to engage and ultimately affect change in the church and the broader community as followers of Christ. Finally, participants will see ministry through a lens beyond the Sunday morning pulpit

Schedule of Activities

April 1– Apr 30: Participant applications received

May 4 – Participant acceptance notification

May 17 – Payment of trip airfare deadline

Intensive in-person gathering

June 6 – 9 (Week 1): Environmental Justice (Care for God’s Creation)

June 13 – 19 (Week 2): Racial, Economic, Voting Rights Justice

                 June 15– Participants will travel to Washington DC

      June 18 – Participants will attend the Poor People’s Campaign  

                                    June 19 – Travel back to Tulsa

June 21 – 23 (Week 3): Education, Healthcare, and Hunger and Food  


June 27 – 30 (Week 4): Criminal System, Refugee, and Immigration

Participants will gather monthly July 2022 - May 2023

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                                                        To Learn more about the Poor People's Campaign Moral March on Washington DC

                                        Application for Participation

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                                                     Complete Schedule

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