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"My hope and desire are to see people's lives changed, fulfilled, and them living out God's purpose through the preaching, teaching, and connection with In The Spirit."

Apostle Sharyn Cosby


Builder - Preacher - Teacher - Lecturer - Servant Leader

     In 2007, in her living room, Apostle Cosby along with five other people, founded In the Spirit Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The church has since grown to a viable community of worshippers and is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is a diverse community that seeks to live out its vision to “impact and transform individuals and families by teaching practical biblical principles that can be applied to everyday life.” The church offers a variety of ministries for all age groups and is an active presence in the community.

     To further the church's vision, Oklahoma Family Empowerment Center (OFEC), a counseling and social justice center, was founded in 2012 as an outreach of the church. Under her direction, OFEC offers many services including services for the homeless, food pantry, at-risk youth programming, seniors, and parenting classes. It now stands as a separate but related 501(c)(3) organization.

     Apostle Cosby has over 14 years of hospice experience, serving as a chaplain, bereavement counselor, and ultimately the Director of Pastoral Care and “We Honor Veterans.” There, she led the bereavement counselors and chaplains, to ensure exceptional pastoral care for hospice patients and their families. As coordinator of the “We Honor Veterans” program, she oversaw the provision of enhanced end-of-life care for veterans. She holds the designation of Board Certified Clinical Chaplain with the National Association of Veteran Affairs Chaplains. Because of her significant record of working with vulnerable populations, Cosby has received awards and recognitions from Oklahoma House of Representatives, State Senate, City of Tulsa Mayor's Office, Oklahoma Department of Corrections, and 100 Black Men to name a few.

Apostle Cosby was born in El Paso, Texas, and moved to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where she graduated from Northeast High School. After attending The University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, she moved to Tulsa. She holds a Master of Divinity Degree from Phillips Theological Seminary, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is currently pursuing her Doctor of Ministry, with a concentration in Transformational Leadership in Improvisational Ministry.

     As an advocate for those whose voices have been silenced, she has served on various boards and commissions including; the Mayor’s Commission on the Status of Women, Oklahoma Department of Corrections Community Advisory Board, Tulsa Interfaith Alliance, Abba’s Family Housing Faith Alliance, and the Mayor’s Police and Community Coalition.

As a woman of vision and passion, Apostle Cosby is recognized and has received numerous awards for her leadership, integrity, and compassion for all, especially the marginalized in the areas of hunger and food scarcity, homelessness, gangs, criminal justice, immigration, and prison reform.

     While Apostle Cosby is known for her gifts of preaching, teaching, directing, community advocacy, and writing and is a well sought-after speaker and lecturer, she says, “I am most grateful for being blessed to be a mother and grandmother, but my greatest accomplishment is being God’s servant.”